Nov 25, 2020
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Heroes Week planning by the Semper Fi Community Task Force is well underway. Once again the Task Force will be inviting 60 Wounded Heroes and Spouses to Huntsville from 6-12 Nov for a week of special events and recognition. For the second year in a row, we are hopeful that Wounded Heroes from all services will be represented. They will arrived during the day and evening of the 6th with a full calendar of events beginning the 7th. The Lake Guntersville Yacht cruise is currently scheduled for the afternoon and evening of the 7th. Members from VwV and AUSA have acted as escorts during this event in the past and will be offered that opportunity again this year. This is normally accomplished as couples as the Wounded Heroes and spouses will be participating together. If you are  interested in being an escort, please contact me at

Planning for Veterans Week including the parade has also begun. Again, we have the honor or transporting the Wounded Heroes and their spouses in this years parade. It is confirmed that the parade will return to its original route prior to the dedication of the Veterans Memorial. We will stage in the vicinity of the VBC North Hall parking lot loading our guests at 1030 and beginning the parade at 1100. At the end of the parade we will off load  at the Heart of Huntsville. Once again we will be limited to 50 cars. A sign up sheet will be created shortly.

2014 will commence the official recognition of the Vietnam War.  It was a long one as some of our members and families well remember (1964-1975). Because we are a well-respected Veterans oriented organization, I anticipate that we will be asked to support and participate in a number of these events over the next 11 years with the first being organized    by Intitutive Research for this coming fall.  They are planning a speaker series and have asked Col (R) Leo Thorsness USAF, local resident, Medal of Honor Recipient and prisoner of War in Hanoi for over 6 years to be their speaker. These activities are intended to be open to the public. As soon as a firm date is announced I will share the details and their request of support with you.

Lastly, we have long awaited the arrival of the special Wall of Honor Plaques being crafted for Survivor Outreach Services remembering our Fallen Warriors.  This was made possible through your hard work and donations towards the end of  2012. I anticipate that there will be a special dedication of the Wall and I  know that these families would like for as many of us that can to attend. I'll keep you posted on that date.

Thank you again for supporting those who serve and have served this great nation of ours.

Rock and Roll,


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