Nov 25, 2020
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Vets with Vettes and Corvette Owners

We need 50 Corvettes for the Veterans Day Parade!

On November 11 at 11:00am the local area expects to see 50 shiny Corvettes carrying Wounded Veterans and their family members in the Huntsville Veterans Day Parade. Currently, we have 30 members signed up. Since this event is less than two weeks away, we need your help in signing up and getting other members to sign up to transport these amazing visiting American patriots. The parade committee has ask that we have no more than 50 cars but we are still short 20 to 22 cars.

We'll meet at the Cracker Barrel on Drake Avenue at 8:00am and depart for the VBCC staging area at 9:30am. As in the past, placards will be distributed prior to departure to each vehicle. Cars without a placard are not allowed into the staging area. When you arrive in the staging area, we ask that you immediately apply the placard to the car door. These apply with no-damage-stick tape and have worked well the past few years.

Each driver will also receive a US Flag to hold up as the Warriors are greeted and to signal which cars are not yet occupied. Once selected, the driver will give the Warrior the flag to wave during the parade. We hope this will make it easier for all to see which cars are vacant during the loading process.

Let?s show these Warriors how much we appreciate their service, sacrifice, and commitment to this great country on their special day of recognition.

Thank you to all who serve and all who support.

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