Jun 25, 2022
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                In accordance with the club bylaws, we will have an election of the Board of Directors (BOD) in the fourth quarter of the year, every two (2) years.  This year (2016) is the year for our election of a new BOD.  We need to appoint an election committee to oversee the election process and at this point we have only one member that has volunteered to be on the committee.  The committee may consist of any number of members, but requires at least two to fulfill the process.  This email is to solicit from the membership at least one more volunteer for the committee, and more if desired.  Please keep in mind that any member of the election committee shall not be a candidate for any office in the Association at the time of the election.  Information about voting and the election process may be found in our club bylaws located on our club website.  Click on Articles Library on the vertical menu, select Club Governing Documents, and then select BYLAWS – 2016.

                I was on the election committee in 2012 and I can assure you it took very little of my time.  Please consider volunteering for this very important task.


Thank you,

Ken Ille, President

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