Jun 25, 2022
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In the spirit of the season, we have a request from a another club that supports our club at our shows.  This is solely up to each club member if they wish to support this veteran in need, just passing along information!  


On behalf of the Board of Vets with Vettes and Corvette Owners, we wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas!







I am calling on you and your members for assistance.  This may be a little out of line, but I need to let out all the stops.


Some of you know Mike Daly, a member of our club since inception.  He has been to most of your shows, and local events for many years.


Mike is a USAF veteran of over 20 years, two tours in Vietnam, retired as an E7.  Age 67.


He was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago, on his lip.  They removed a section, thought they had it all, not true. Three weeks ago today they removed his lower lip down to the middle of his neck, used skin grafts from his left arm and leg, and replaced a section of his jaw bone with a bone from his leg.   He is at home, will start radiation therapy in a few weeks as they found the cancer also in a node removed from his neck.  He is feeding himself thru a feeding tube.


Myself and Steve Williams are power of attorney.  Mike has no wife, no kids, no siblings, nobody, and I mean nobody.  Our club members are taking assignments to get him to appointments, keep his home clean, take care of his only family, King, his dog.   His neighbor gets his mail each day and checks on him, and one of our members, a retired nurse, changes his bandages on the days not covered by his coverage, Medicare/VA, Tricare.  We are working on assistance from the VA and also the American Cancer Society, but those wheels move very slow.  Dianne and I go by everyday on our way home from work to make sure all is ok.  


We started a Go Fund Me account yesterday, and getting the word out today.  Funds will be directed to help with stuff not covered by his insurance, and it is mounting up.  His monthly income does not leave much extra.  I am asking for you to please pass the word, and any help anyone can provide is GREATLY appreciated.  We have designated one club member to manage this account  




Thank you all.  We appreciate any support.



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