Nov 19, 2019
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I Will highly recommended this company MEDALLION CREDIT GROUP to anyone who has a FICO problem and needs it fixed. I'm 17 years old i came across them online on a youtube review, did some digging, they checked all the good boxes so i recommended them to my mom during our loan crisis and they got her FICO fixed, i dont have full details as to how they do that, well hackers, lol.. I'll drop off their contact here MEDALLIONCREDITGROUP@GMAIL.COM OR +1 (424) 307 4445 . Bye.
Andrew Hernandez

Are you having credit issues?? I will advise you all to get to HACKINVADE AT gmail DOT com or (256) 294-4701. He's an expert in increasing and repairing of credit scores and negative collections. He helped me increase my credit score from 645 to 815 and i am so grateful to him because I've been scammed twice before getting to know him and i can prove to you that he's a legit good hacker because he did came through and he helped me with the little i have. He's services is affordable, fast and
My name is Kenny, I was stationed in WA and I was in the process of looking into renting a property and eventually buy my own, but my credit was low. I had a couple of credit cards and one of those was maxed out. I was having issues finding a property even for rent because they all required to have a excellent credit score therefore I needed a credit repair help and I decided to surf the internet. I ran into a credit expert who changed everything for me. He deleted all the negative items prevent
Kenny Hardy
Be Wise enough to know who is the best and who you work together with when it's about your credit report. But to my own point of view i believe here is the hacker you can trust with your life on this, He was the person who took way the 3 negative on my tradeline and i also have about 4 different credit cards debt which he did paid them up within some couples of days and also pay my son student loan owning since have been a single mother. please contact him : RICHSKRENTACYBERSERVICE at GMAIL do
Kari Essie
Akron, Oh
MEDALLION wow.These guys will blow you away! The knowledge and customer care of anyone that answers the phone is exceptional and they are always available and PROACTIVE! Great to see that people still care. AWESOME! Like a mom due, they pop with amazing results. Helped fixed my FICO SCORE in about 13 days, i read a review about them on experian so i contacted them on MEDALLIONCREDITGROUP@GMAIL.COM OR +1 (424) 307 4445 . Im really glad to have met your team at the time i did after been
Micheal Cain
I came across Aaron Swartz credit repair comment on you tube about deleting eviction on credit report, I was shocked when he's ready to help me with the little money I have with me. He help me boost up my FICO score to 780 excellent plus and cleared all credit card debts in a stipulated time as promised. I want to lead people to the right way, He's also good in any sort hacking issues! Contact AaronSwartzCyberServices AT Gmail Dot Com
Nancy Hicks
I’m thankful for this opportunity. My sincere appreciation goes to HERITAGE CREDIT SOLUTION, through their relentless efforts my credit score is now 780 from 542, they removed the hard inquiries and collections on my profile. Cleared the eviction and judgments on my report, including auto loans and student loans are gone without a trace, just like they were never there. I highly recommend them for all jobs on credit repair. They are masters at it. Get in touch with them on (620) 263-0667 and HER
Kellie Carpenter
I was sitting on my couch on a Sunday morning when I overheard them talking about Robert Morris credit repair services. I have to make more inquiry about how i could get this done without fallen victim of a hacker again with intention to seek advice regarding my late payment, negative items and how i could raise my credit score across my three credit bureaus report. I got in contact with the hacker the following days and he replied quickly about how i could get everything done within the next 7
Rich Hagen
I emailed “H A C KK I N GZ E U S AT GM A I L DOT C OM” for my credit repair, after positive ratings for him on Quora, Trulia and creditmagic. I assured him i would refer people to him if he did as he said he would. I had late payments from student loans, they were 31 from all the different little loans per semester. I had refinanced them into one loan and needed the late payments removed. I'm happy KING ZEUS was able to erase the late payments from my credit history within a matter of days. It
Amelia Wong
Seattle, Wa
I have one credit card that I pay off every month and never charged more than 20 percent of its limit. My house, vehicle, etc. are all paid for. I spend very little as I need little. I have been frugal all my life and now I find a credit score of 420. I don’t owe a soul as I'm very careful with my money. I just don’t understand why I am penalized for that. I contacted a credit scoring firm to figure this whole thing out for me but got turned down severally , not until I read about a well recomm
Gina Ortiz

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